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Everything You Need to Know About Cremation and The Bible

Cremation is still something that most people, especially Christians, believe is evil and far from what God says should be done. It is disturbing to think that you will not make it through pearly gates ones you or your family decide to cremate your body. No one deserves to worry about their afterlife experience as they prepare for the final journey. The gospel is the best place to find legit answers about cremation. Continue reading to get heads up on what the gospel says about cremation, see these cremation options.

You should know that the bible generally talks about burning but not cremation. In fact, the word talks about burning for specific reasons like cleansing, punishments, a challenge, and the display of gods’ power. Regardless of the cremation options, fire is used to burn the body and God reassures us by using fire to present His power on different occasions. In the bible, we see the incidences that God showed up to Moses as a burning bush that did not consume the foliage and to him through the fire, and also God appeared to Elijah as fore when accepting offerings and prayers. All this gives us reassurance fire is not evil and cremation done in His name is very ok.

Burning as stated by the bible is not God’s judgment however a respectful way to dispose of the dead body thus anything happening to a cremated body is not punishment or judgment, find more info about cremation options here. The bible talks of Sodom, Gomorrah, and the devil being consumed by eternal fire but note that fire was holy punishment from God Himself. Besides when the Israelites began to complain about their misfortune and trust less in God, His anger was triggered and the Lord’s fore consumed some of the parts of the camp. It is only God himself acts but not o loved ones accepting your death. There is nothing to worry about as God is only trying to show His holy power.

Besides consumption, God also teaches us that fire is also used to cleans. Following God’s words about His workers, we realize that He understands and communicate to us that fire is not negative but can be used to purify something. God’s words clearly make us understand that there is nothing negative about cremation, see these cremation options. The bible does not talk about cremation options but it is not against it. In closing above are all the things you need to know about cremation and what the bible says about the matter.